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Archive of RCA CED Related Press Releases


This is a chronological archive of RCA press releases that relate to the SelectaVision VideoDisc system marketed by RCA in the 1980's. The press releases are partly derived from the column "20 Years Ago in CED History" that is sent out once a week as part of CED Digest. I'll be adding additional press releases here as I find them and get them OCR'ed, so this section of CED Magic will gradually grow over time.

Click on the title to view the full contents of the press release. These may also be read in order by clicking on the links at the bottom of each press release page. Many of the press release titles are also being included in the CED Timeline that will span the years 1981 through 1986 when CED was on the market.

Much thanks to the David Sarnoff Library (Princeton, New Jersey) for contributing photocopies of these press releases.

Jan. 6, 1981: RCA Acquires Rights to 11 James Bond Films for its 'SelectaVision' VideoDisc Catalog
Jan. 7, 1981: Favorable Outlook for Video Consumer Products Keyed to Five Growth Areas, RCA Executive Says
Jan. 7, 1981: RCA Sees $175 Million Industry Sales for Projection TV in 1981
Jan. 8, 1981: Largest Display of VideoDisc Players Marks RCA's Return to CES Show
Jan. 12, 1981: RCA Taps Many of Television's Greatest Programs for Use on its 'SelectaVision' VideoDisc System
Jan. 21, 1981: RCA Reports Record Sales and Earnings in 1980; Fourth Quarter Results Also Reach New High
Jan. 23, 1981: Montgomery Ward to Market RCA's 'CED' VideoDisc System
Jan. 24, 1981: Edgar Griffiths to be Replaced by Thorton Bradshaw as RCA Chairman and CEO
Jan. 26, 1981: RCA Video Discs Marketing Team Tours Distributors in 48 Cities
Feb. 6, 1981: David D. Tompkins Succeeds Tucker. P. Madawick as Industrial Design Head for RCA Video Products
Feb. 10, 1981: RCA Laboratories Names Paul W. Lyons Manager of VideoDisc Testing Center
Feb. 12, 1981: RCA Introduces 9-Inch ColorTrak Receiver and Compact Modular Design in VCR Portable
Feb. 12, 1981: RCA Names Jack Sauter Group Vice President
Feb. 13, 1981: James M. Alic Elected Vice President of RCA; George D. Prestwich Becomes President of RCA Service Company
Feb. 19, 1981: Two RCA Units Join to Develop Music Video Discs for 'SelectaVision' System
Feb. 25, 1981: RCA's Opening Video Disc Catalog of 100 Titles Offers Consumers A Variety of Quality Programs
Mar. 9, 1981: RCA's First Quarter Earnings Down Considerably from Prior Year
Mar. 16, 1981: RCA to Launch Its VideoDisc System with Approximately 500,000 Albums
Mar. 18, 1981: Future Releases for RCA's VideoDisc Catalog Include Three Films Nominated for Oscars
Apr. 16, 1981: RCA Reports Lower First Quarter Earnings
Apr. 30, 1981: RCA VideoDisc Introduction 'Most Successful' Product Launch in Industry History
May 12, 1981: RCA Adds 26 New Titles to its Strong-Selling VideoDisc Catalog
May 12, 1981: Four VCR's Introduced by RCA in New Line as Industry Heads for $1 Billion In Sales
May 27, 1981: RCA to Offer Video Disc of Mel Brooks' New Film 'The History of the World: Part 1'
Jun. 1, 1981: M*A*S*H Top Selling RCA Video Disc in Initial Telephone Survey of Disc Owners
Jun. 1, 1981: RCA to Offer Video Disc of 'Pippin'
Jun. 11, 1981: RCA Announces Major Expansion of Video Disc Production Facility
Jun. 18, 1981: Original Art for RCA Video Discs Exhibited at Society of Illustrators
Jun. 30, 1981: RCA Corporation and Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. Form Joint Venture to Market Home Entertainment Programs Internationally
Aug. 11, 1981: RCA Expands Video Disc Catalog with 25 New Titles Catering to a Wide Range of Home Video Collectors
Aug. 14, 1981: RCA Increases Advertising Expenditures by 61 Percent for Fall Video Cassette Recorder Campaign
Aug. 17, 1981: RCA Names James M. Alic Group Vice President
Aug. 26, 1981: Alan J. Blumenthal Named Advertising Director For RCA 'SelectaVision' VideoDiscs
Sep. 3, 1981: RCA Begins National VideoDiscs Display Contest Offering $50,000 in Prize Money
Sep. 10, 1981: RCA Launches its Biggest Advertising and Merchandising Campaign for Fall
Sep. 14, 1981: RCA Consolidates All Entertainment Activities Other than NBC into Single Group
Sep. 16, 1981: RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video Signs Distribution Agreement with Dagens Nyheters AB of Sweden
Sep. 23, 1981: Arnold J. Holland Named Director of Business Affairs for RCA 'SelectaVision' VideoDiscs
Sep. 24, 1981: RCA's First Discs-Only Advertising Campaign Will Use Radio Spots for Pre-Christmas Sales
Sep. 28, 1981: M*A*S*H Heads RCA Video Discs Hit Parade; Average Household Surveyed Owns 15 Albums
Sep. 29, 1981: RCA 'SelectaVision' and Columbia Pictures in Video Disc Deal for 25 Titles
Oct. 12, 1981: RCA Demonstrates Advanced VideoDisc Player at Vidcom
Oct. 12, 1981: RCA Video Disc Player Owners Buying More Discs than Anticipated
Nov. 5, 1981: RCA Reaches Major VideoDisc Milestone with Shipment of its Two Millionth Disc
Nov. 17, 1981: Peter Vadasdy Named President of RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video
Nov. 18, 1981: RCA VideoDiscs, RCA Records and MTV Set Precedent with Rock And Roll Jam Session Starring Bob Welch
Nov. 19, 1981: RCA Wins First 'Golden VideoDiscs' Ever Awarded by ITA; Six RCA Albums Cited for Reaching $1 Million Sales Level
Jan. 25, 1982: RCA 'SelectaVision' VideoDiscs And Monarch Entertainment To Develop Music Video Programming
Jan. 27, 1982: RCA Offers Eight New Video Disc Titles in Feb.
Jan. 28, 1982: 'Airplane!' Leads RCA's VideoDisc Hit Parade
Feb. 9, 1982: Video Disc Households Owning Players Over Eight Months Now Have Average of Almost 23 Albums, RCA Survey Shows
Feb. 10, 1982: RCA Introduces New VideoDisc Player with Optional Retail Price of $349.95
Feb. 25, 1982: RCA Will Expand Its Video Disc Catalog in Mar. with Eight Entertainment and Educational Albums
Mar. 3, 1982: RCA Demonstrates 'Next Generation' VideoDisc Player at ITA
Mar. 16, 1982: Video Disc Owners Buying an Average 30 Albums in First Year of Video Disc Ownership
Mar. 17, 1982: RCA and KVC Complete Home Video Production of Jane Fonda's 'Workout' Exercise Program
Mar. 23, 1982: RCA Honors Eubie Blake Whose Music is Featured on Stereo Video Disc of Broadway Musical, 'Eubie!'
Mar. 30, 1982: RCA and Warner Home Video in Video Disc Agreements
Apr. 8, 1982: Howard Ballon Named Director of Marketing for RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs
Apr. 27, 1982: RCA To Offer 'On Golden Pond' On Video Disc In May
May 4, 1982: RCA Will Offer 10 New Diverse Video Disc Titles In May
May 4, 1982: Home Entertainment Saga
May 7, 1982: RCA Breaks Ground For $19 Million Manufacturing Facility To Supply Key 'CED' Video Disc Material
May 11, 1982: Retailers Report Strong Demand For RCA Video Discs
Jun. 6, 1982: RCA Unveils its Stereo Video Disc Player and Catalog at Consumer Electronics Show
Jun. 6, 1982: Sales of CED Video Disc Players and Discs Exceeded $90 Million in First 12 Months
Jun. 6, 1982: RCA Video Discs Feature Dual Sound Tracks
Jun. 28, 1982: Columbia Pictures And RCA Form New Joint Venture to Market Home Video Programs in U.S. and Canada
Jul. 16, 1982: RCA Begins Early Shipments of New Stereo Video Disc Player
Aug. 25, 1982: RCA to Present A Video Translation of the Bible by the Genesis Project on its Video Disc System
Aug. 30, 1982: Rapid Growth Of RCA VideoDiscs System Reflects Strong Support at Dealer Level
Sep. 1, 1982: 'STAR WARS' to Highlight RCA Promotions for VideoDisc System this Fall
Sep. 8, 1982: Sugar Ray Robinson Makes Boxing History Again Through the Magic of RCA's Video Disc System
Sep. 14, 1982: Video Disc Owners Are Super Salesmen of RCA's Home Entertainment Product
Sep. 28, 1982: H. J. Mendelsohn Named Division Vice President, Marketing for RCA VideoDiscs
Oct. 12, 1982: RCA VideoDiscs and Berkley Books in Joint Promotion for 'James Bond'
Oct. 14, 1982: Planned 1983 European Introduction of 'CED' VideoDisc System
Oct. 17, 1982: Video Disc Sales To Top $200 Million in The United States Despite Economy
Oct. 29, 1982: Red Auerbach and the Great Stars of the NBA Teach Basketball Basics on New RCA Video Disc
Nov. 26, 1982: RCA and MCA in Video Disc Deal for 20 Films
Dec. 10, 1982: Retail Exposure Plays Key Role In Motivating Video Disc Buyer
Dec. 14, 1982: At The Ronald McDonald House, Tony Bennett And Walt Disney Cartoon Heroes Bring Christmas Early to Afflicted Children
Jan. 6, 1983: 'Chariots Of Fire' and 'An Officer And A Gentleman' to Spearhead RCA's New Video Disc Titles in 1983
Jan. 7, 1983: RCA Plans to Add Interactive Capability to New "CED" Videodisc Player in Second Half of 1983
Jan. 7, 1983: RCA Looks for Video Industry Sales Records in 1983 with Continuation of Innovative New Products
Jan. 24, 1983: David M. Arganbright Named Staff Vice President, Business Management and Control, VideoDisc Project, For RCA
Feb. 25, 1983: RCA VideoDiscs to Produce Music Video Program of Lou Reed Live at the 'Bottom Line'
Mar. 14, 1983: RCA VideoDiscs and McDonald's in Joint Promotion in Michigan and Southern California
Apr. 6, 1983: 'King Kong' Revisits Empire State Building to Show Classic Movie on RCA Video Disc
Apr. 7, 1983: RCA Signs Entertainer Gene Kelly as Spokesman for VideoDisc System
May 4, 1983: Random Access Player Highlights RCA's New VideoDisc Line
May 4, 1983: Sales of Video Disc Albums to Set New Unit and Dollar Highs in 1983
May 25, 1983: RCA and Hitachi To Launch 'CED' Video Disc System in the United Kingdom in Fourth Quarter Of 1983
Jun. 6, 1983: Video Industry Outpacing National Economy; Will Reach Record Retail Sales in 1983
Jun. 6, 1983: 'The Muppet Movie' Becomes RCA's Best Selling Disc; Eighteen Titles Awarded Gold Video Awards by RIAA
Jun. 6, 1983: RCA Survey Shows Consumers Use Video Disc Players an Average of 8.5 Hours A Week and Repeat Programs
Jun. 8, 1983: Two RCA Laboratories Scientists Receive IEEE Award for Contributions to Video Disc System
Jun. 14, 1983: RCA VideoDiscs Appoints C. J. Mitchell And R. D. Klinger As Division Vice Presidents
Aug. 12, 1983: RCA Unveils First Video Disc Player with Programmable Capability
Aug. 24, 1983: RCA to Expand Videodisc Marketing Activities in Consumer, Educational and Institutional Markets
Aug. 31, 1983: 'An Officer And A Gentleman' Paces Sales of RCA Video Discs So Far This Year
Sep. 14, 1983: Video Disc Owners Now Have Access to 1,000 'CED' Programs of All Kinds
Sep. 16, 1983: RCA Kicks Off Fall Video Disc Sales Campaign with New Three-Pronged Consumer Offer
Oct. 19, 1983: RCA VideoDiscs Restructures Business Affairs Department
Oct. 27, 1983: RCA Offers Free Six-Pack of Stereo Discs with Purchase of Any Stereo Video Disc Player
Nov. 23, 1983: RCA Adds Two Sales Executives to RCA VideoDisc Division
Dec. 5, 1983: RCA Signs Video Disc Agreement with Bally Midway for First Arcade Use of New Random Access Player

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