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RCA Press Release for March 17, 1982


RCA and KVC Complete Home Video Production of Jane Fonda's 'Workout' Exercise Program

The 90-Minute Adaptation Of Miss Fonda's Best-Selling Exercise Book Will Be Distributed On Video Cassettes By KVC And Video Discs By RCA

RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs and KVC, Inc. announced today the completion of a 90-minute home video production featuring Academy Award nominee, Jane Fonda, in her acclaimed "Workout" exercise program.

The program, specially adapted for the growing home video market, will be distributed on video cassettes by KVC, and on video discs by RCA.

"Workout" features Jane Fonda and several of her exercise instructors in a video presentation of her best-selling book. It includes a 30-minute beginner's program and an hour-long advanced session.

Seth M. Willenson, Division Vice President, Programs and Business Affairs, RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs, said, "We believe 'Workout' will have mass appeal based on the popularity of Miss Fonda's program and a growing emphasis on physical fitness."

He said working with KVC on this project was part of RCA's commitment to utilizing the best creative talent in the television and motion picture industries to co-produce a variety of quality programs for the home video disc market.

Stuart Karl, President of KVC, said the rapid growth of the home entertainment market would attract other stars who have interests outside of their professional careers which they will want to share with the public. He predicted that other major entertainers will be appearing in original home video productions by the end of the year.

Richard D. Klinger, Director, West Coast Programming for RCA, said, "Workout" is the first special production for the home video market featuring a major box office star. The production is a visual adaptation of Miss Fonda's best-selling exercise book, and once again underscores the close relationship between book publishing and video disc programming, he added.

Mr. Karl said, "We believe this production is a milestone because it pioneers in using a proven star and because it employs an entertaining approach to promoting physical fitness. We believe this production will establish a precedent for future home entertainment programs."

Long an advocate of physical fitness, Miss Fonda became a leader in the field with the opening of her first workout salon in Beverly Hills. This led to other salons and eventually to the publication of her book, _Workout_, which has been a best seller.

Mr. Karl and Mr. Klinger approached Miss Fonda last year about adapting her exercise program for the home video market. The program was produced by John Guess and taped under the direction of Sid Galanty. The original score was by Joe Chemay and John Hobbs.


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