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RCA Press Release for August 31, 1983


'An Officer And A Gentleman' Paces Sales of RCA Video Discs So Far This Year

The motion picture, "An Officer And A Gentleman," which won an Academy Award for Lou Gossett, has been the fastest selling "CED" video disc in RCA's catalog this year, according to Thomas G. Kuhn, Division Vice President, RCA VideoDiscs.

It has been followed in the 1983 sales derby by "Rocky III," "Superman II," "Star Trek -- The Wrath of Khan," "Jane Fonda's Workout," and "Annie."

Since introducing its "CED" video disc system to the public in March 1981, RCA "CED" discs have chalked up sales of more than six million albums with a retail value of more than $160 million. "The Muppet Movie," which was in RCA's original catalog, is the overall best seller to date with factory sales in excess of 68,000 albums.

Mr. Kuhn said "An Officer And A Gentleman," which was issued on video disc in February 1983, already has achieved factory sales of more than 38,000 albums. "This amounts to more than $1 million at retail prices, qualifying the film for 'Gold' status," Mr. Kuhn added. RCA already has 18 other discs certified as "Gold."

He said the three motion pictures in the "Rocky" series have amassed combined factory sales of approximately 160,000 albums, attesting to the popularity of these films. They have generated almost $5 million in sales at retail prices, Mr. Kuhn added.

RCA has put all three of the "Rocky" movies in a single box and labeled it: "The Championship Collection."


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