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RCA Press Release for June 6, 1982 No. 3


RCA Video Discs Feature Dual Sound Tracks

'Jane Fonda's Workout' Will Be First RCA Video Disc to Give Consumers Choice of Sound Tracks; Bilingual Video Discs Also Possible

"Jane Fonda's Workout" will be the first RCA video disc to utilize the unique dual sound capability of the Capacitance Electronic Disc (CED) system, Seth M. Willenson, Division Vice President, Programs and Business Affairs, RCA VideoDiscs, announced today.

"Each groove on a CED video disc has two completely separate sound tracks, which makes possible rich stereo sound, bilingual programs or a choice of audio channels," he said.

The CED VideoDisc system has all the technical features to enable it to accommodate the needs of the consumer. The Jane Fonda exercise disc, which will be available at retail in July, gives owners of CED stereo video disc players the choice of listening to music and instruction while they exercise, or to music only, as part of a regular exercise routine, Mr. Willenson added.

He said that owners of monaural video disc players receive both music and instruction. All CED discs can be played on either stereo or monaural players.

Mr. Willenson said the Jane Fonda video disc "demonstrates the great flexibility we have on the CED system when it comes to audio. The options available to the consumer will enhance the entertainment and educational value of video discs and broaden the market potential of the system."

He noted "Jane Fonda's Workout" is a special 90-minute video adaption of Ms. Fonda's exercise school program and bestselling book. Ms. Fonda designed the workout to appeal to men and women, young and old. The CED disc will make this popular program available internationally. "Jane Fonda's Workout" was produced by Ms. Fonda for VideoDisc under the supervision of Richard D. Klinger, RCA Director of Programming, West Coast.

The disc, which sells for $24.98, highlights the major price advantage of disc versus prerecorded cassette. The cassette version of Ms. Fonda's exercise program sells for about $60. A week at one of her exercise studios -- five one-hour sessions would cost $32.50.

"RCA is committed to developing programming which meets the needs of the consumer and which takes advantage of specific features of the CED VideoDisc System, such as dual sound tracks," he said.

"As consumers become more aware of the technical features of the RCA system, they will realize that the CED system is the most cost-efficient way of building home video libraries tailored to their specific tastes and desires," Mr. Willenson added.


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