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RCA Press Release for April 6, 1983


'King Kong' Revisits Empire State Building to Show Classic Movie on RCA Video Disc

A King Kong look-alike will show highlights of the original "King Kong" movie on RCA video disc in the Empire State Building April 7-15 as part of the 50th Anniversary celebration of the release of the 1933 RKO film.

RCA has installed a video disc player as part of a King Kong memorabilia display in the Fifth Avenue lobby of the Empire State Building. Visitors will be able to view scenes of King Kong's historic encounter with the then tallest building in the world.

The Empire State Building plans a press conference at l0:00 a.m. on April 7th to kick off the King Kong 50th Anniversary celebration. As part of the celebration, a giant inflatable ape will be installed atop the Empire State Building.


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