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RCA Press Release for September 8, 1982


Sugar Ray Robinson Makes Boxing History Again Through the Magic of RCA's Video Disc System

Rinq Magazine Calls Robinson Best Boxer Pound-for-Pound In Ring History; Disc One of 17 New Titles Released By RCA in September, Bringing Catalog to 255.

A Ring Magazine poll called him "The Greatest Pound-for-Pound Boxer in the History of Boxing." His name was a household word in boxing circles in the 1940's and '50's and is still spoken with reverential awe.

During his career, he won the welterweight championship once and middleweight championship a record five times. He won 174 fights in a 24-year career, 109 by knockout.

He almost won the light heavyweight championship. Many boxing experts felt he was ahead on points when he collapsed from heat exhaustion in the 15th round of a championship fight against Joey Maxim in 1952.

Highlights of his greatest title matches are featured on a new RCA video disc being released in September -- "The Big Fights, Vol. 3: Sugar Ray Robinson." For just $19.98, far below the cost of a ringside seat, boxing fans can watch a great fighter who combined poetry of motion and awesome punching power in one finely honed package.

The boxing disc is one of 17 new titles being added to RCA's video disc catalog in September, bringing the number of titles available at retail to 255.

"The tradition of boxing is especially suited to the new medium of video disc. Historically, boxing has not only been a super performer in TV, Pay TV, Pay Per View and theatres, but boxing's great moments have been recorded on film and video going back over 50 years. Boxing fans have a wide selection of fight-oriented video discs to select from, once again dramatizing the unique ability of the video disc to permit TV viewers to build inexpensive home libraries tailored to their own specific preferences in programming," according to Seth M. Willenson, Division Vice President, Programs and Business Affairs, RCA VideoDiscs.

"Each segment of our catalog will be expanded to allow the consumer to select from a diversified and exciting inventory of programs that appeal to specific audience interests," Mr. Willenson said.

In addition to the Ray Robinson disc, Mr. Willenson noted, boxing fans have a broad selection of RCA video discs to choose from. In the documentary category, RCA offers: "The Big Fights, Vol. 1: Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fights"; "The Big Fights, Vol. 2: Heavyweight Champions' Greatest Fights"; and "The Showdown: Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Thomas Hearns."


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