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RCA Press Release for July 16, 1982


RCA Begins Early Shipments of New Stereo Video Disc Player

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., July 16 -- RCA has begun shipping a deluxe stereo video disc player more than a month ahead of the original August schedule due to distributor and dealer demand for the new model.

Introduced in May, the SGT250 player features electronic function controls and an infrared remote control, the first such model in RCA's line of four VideoDisc players. The SGT250 carries an optional retail price of $449.95, while the company's basic monaural player is optionally retail priced at $299.95.

Arnold T. Valencia, President of the RCA Sales Corporation, said trade demand for the deluxe stereo player "was an encouraging indication of strong dealer interest in the new stereo capability of RCA's VideoDisc system." RCA's other stereo player, without remote control, carries an optional retail price of $399.95.

Mr. Valencia said RCA plans to sharply increase its production schedule on the new SGT250 model.


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