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RCA Press Release for April 27, 1982


RCA To Offer 'On Golden Pond' On Video Disc In May

RCA will offer a video disc in May of the highly acclaimed motion picture, "On Golden Pond," it was announced today by Larry A. Estes, Director, Feature Film Programs, RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs.

"On Golden Pond" received 10 Academy Award nominations and marked the first screen teaming of two living legends, Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn. It also marked the first time that Henry and Jane Fonda worked together in a film. Henry Fonda won Best Actor, Katharine Hepburn won her fourth Best Actress Academy Award, and the award for Best Screenplay was won by Ernest Thompson.

"On Golden Pond," based on Ernest Thompson's Broadway play, is the story of an elderly couple returning to their beloved summer home. It is a warm, funny and uplifting story brought to life by some of the brightest stars that ever graced a movie screen.

The film was produced by ITC in association with Jane Fonda's IPC Films. The film was directed by Mark Rydell. It is currently nearing $100 million gross in the U. S. box office.

Mr. Estes said, "'On Golden Pond' will become a collector's item because of its great stars -- the once in a lifetime billing of Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda and Henry and his daughter, Jane.

"By bringing such a popular film to the video disc this soon, we will benefit from the heavy promotion of this award winner at the consumer level."

"The film will be attractive to audiences of all ages," Mr. Estes said. "It has special appeal to families, since it deals with the essence of family relationships -- why they grow apart and how they come back together."


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