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RCA Press Release for May 4, 1983 No. 1


Random Access Player Highlights RCA's New VideoDisc Line

Five Models Feature Electronic Function Controls, New Cabinet Designs

LAS VEGAS, May 4 -- RCA today introduced a new generation of video disc players, each model featuring electronic function controls and fully automatic operation. Optional retail prices of the new line begin below $300.

RCA also previewed at a national distributor meeting here the first random access player designed for the company's capacitance electronic disc (CED) system. The RCA player, which will be available this fall, employs a digital microcomputer to provide a variety of interactive applications for the user. The model also has stereo capability.

The Random Access Player, model SJT 400, can be programmed to play any segment of a disc by either time or band selection, using the model's 30-function digital remote control. A "page" feature allows the display of still pictures or other information from specially prepared "CED" video discs.

A new feature introduced in selected RCA VideoDisc models is forward and reverse scanning, with picture, at 120 times normal speed in addition to the normal 16X. David E. Daly, Vice President, Product Planning and Industrial Design, RCA Consumer Electronics Division, said the new high speed search feature allows the consumer to visually search through a 60-minute disc in just 30 seconds. "The 120X search capability is clearly a superior feature in any video playback product," he added.

The five new models in the RCA VideoDisc line include two monaural units, and three stereo players. Optional retail prices range from below $300 to $449.95 for a remote control stereo model. The deluxe random access player will be priced in mid-summer.

The random access player is also compatible with RCA's new Digital Command Center, an infrared remote control unit included with all new RCA Color Trak 2000 receivers that can also operate selected RCA VCR models as well as the forthcoming SJT 400 VideoDisc player.

Each RCA VideoDisc model features a new low-profile vertical-front design that allows more practical usage as a component in a home video system, Mr. Daly said. The previous mechanical function lever has been replaced by a single control that turns the player on and off and readies the player for acceptance of a disc.

Mr. Daly said another significant improvement in the VideoDisc player line is a completely automatic disc loading system. An internal player mechanism "pulls" the disc sleeve into the player, removes the disc, and returns the empty sleeve to the user. Playback begins automatically in seconds with the new power loading system.

The primary monaural model in the new line is the SJT 100 which features visual search at 16 times normal speed, rapid access and pause. Optional retail price is $349.95. A more basic model, the SJT 090, carries an open list price but is expected to sell below $300.

RCA's lead stereo model in the new line is the SJT 200 featuring visual search, rapid access and pause control. With stereo or bi-lingual capability, the model contains video and audio output jacks on the rear panel. Optional retail price is $399.95.

A stereo model with infrared remote control is the SJT 300, which offers two speeds for picture search, 16X or 120 times normal. With electronic controls and power loading, the SJT 300 has an optional retail price of $449.95.


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