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RCA Press Release for September 16, 1983


RCA Kicks Off Fall Video Disc Sales Campaign with New Three-Pronged Consumer Offer

RCA has kicked off its fall video disc merchandising and promotion campaign with a new three-way consumer offer.

Herbert J. Mendelsohn, Division Vice President, Marketing, RCA VideoDisc Division, said any customer who buys a video disc player during the promotion at participating dealers will receive a free disc of his choice, a five-day money back guarantee, and interest-free financing for 12 months.

"These are three great reasons for buying a video disc player now," Mr. Mendelsohn said. "Another is the exciting selection of nearly 1,000 programs to choose from -- movies, music video, children's shows, sports, performing arts, and many more."

He said the exceptionally strong promotional effort for video disc is designed to further expand consumer awareness of the relatively new video product in concert with the current record-setting demand for the other major video products, color television, and video cassette recorders.

Mr. Mendelsohn said the consumer offer, which runs until October 15, 1983, will be supported by a complete advertising campaign, including network TV, national magazines, newspapers, and point-of-sale materials.

He gave these highlights of the RCA VideoDisc advertising campaign:

-- National TV commercials promoting the three-way consumer offer have started running, featuring Gene Kelly. The consumer-offer commercial will run a total of 28 times on the ABC, CBS, and NBC networks.

-- Full page ads will appear in the full national run of major weekly magazines -- Newsweek, Time, People, U.S. News, Sports Illustrated -- starting this week. A schedule of nine insertions is planned.

-- RCA's "Expo '84" newspaper insert, including a full page dedicated to the video disc, will run the week of September 8. The insert will reach 40 million homes.

-- As a follow-up to the "Expo '84" insert, a 1,500-line newspaper ad will run September 22 in 230 daily newspapers.

In addition, the consumer promotion will be supported at the retail level by radio commercials, point-of-sale advertising material and in-home loan program of a player at participating dealers.


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