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RCA Press Release for February 25, 1983


RCA VideoDiscs to Produce Music Video Program of Lou Reed Live at the 'Bottom Line'

RCA VideoDiscs, in conjunction with RCA Records, will produce a full-length video program of Lou Reed on February 28th, 1983 at the Bottom Line in New York City, it was announced today by Seth M. Willenson, Division Vice President, Programs and Business Affairs, RCA VideoDiscs.

Line producers for the event will be Boggs/Baker Productions, Inc., an independent video production company formed by Metromedia's talk show host Bill Boggs and PBS producer Richard Baker. Director is Clark Santee.

Mr. Willenson noted: "Lou Reed is an important contemporary artist with an international following. He's a seminal figure, at rock's cutting edge since Velvet Underground days, and the Bottom Line's position at the matrix of the New York music scene is his ideal venue. The video recording of this sold-out engagement should be invaluable to anyone who loves rock."

RCA VideoDiscs will market the show in all areas including domestic cable, foreign broadcast and home video. Initial distribution will coincide with the Spring 1983 release of Lou Reed's new RCA LP "Legendary Hearts."

The music video program will contain songs spanning Lou Reed's entire career, including: Velvet Underground classics, his famous hit single "Walk on the Wild Side," and several songs from his forthcoming album "Legendary Hearts."

Charles J. Mitchell, Director of Special Programs for RCA VideoDiscs noted that Lou Reed's first RCA LP, "The Blue Mask," made 1982's 10-best lists in Time, Rolling Stone, and the New York Times.

"Most of today's exciting new wave acts owe a great debt to Lou Reed who has reached yet another new creative peak in the early 1980's," Mr. Mitchell said. "We will follow our customary practice of creating different versions of a program to suit a variety of media format needs in order to maximize exposure for this vital performer."

Joe Mansfield, Division Vice President, Contemporary Music, RCA Records, said, "With the release of 'Legendary Hearts,' and his series of shows at the Bottom Line, Lou is once again in the vanguard of an evolving music scene. This ground-breaking project will bring a legendary artist a greatly expanded audience."


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