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RCA Press Release for March 14, 1983


RCA VideoDiscs and McDonald's in Joint Promotion in Michigan and Southern California

Hungry McDonald's Customers Can Win RCA Stereo VideoDisc Prizes, Cash And Food In Sweepstakes and Video Disc Demonstration Promotion

As part of the RCA/McDonald's "Get It Together Sweepstakes," McDonald's customers in Michigan and Southern California will have an opportunity to win cash, food, RCA stereo video disc players, thousands of RCA video discs, and complete RCA stereo video disc home entertainment packages including stereo video disc players, stereo amplifiers and speakers and color televisions.

McDonald's customers who see a demonstration of the RCA VideoDisc system at a participating RCA video disc dealer can receive a "Buy-One-Get-One-Free" (BOGO) coupon for a Big Mac, redeemable at any participating McDonald's.

Herbert J. Mendelsohn, Division Vice President, Marketing, RCA VideoDiscs, said that this promotional tie-in is a pilot RCA marketing program designed to raise general consumer awareness of the RCA VideoDisc system through advertising and demonstrations.

"We have experienced a high incidence of purchase among consumers who have seen an RCA VideoDisc system demonstration," Mr. Mendelsohn said. "People are always impressed. Video discs are easy-to-use, inexpensive and offer high-quality video with stereo sound plus a large selection of great entertainment."

The RCA/McDonald's "Get It Together Sweepstakes" will be prominently featured in game booklets of McDonald's national "Million $ Taste" game, distributed in Michigan and Southern California. These booklets will contain a certificate offering the customer an opportunity to get a Big Mac "BOGO" when they see a video disc demonstration at a participating RCA dealer.

The RCA/McDonald's promotion will begin on March 14, 1983 and will run for 12 weeks in Southern California and 9 weeks in Michigan. It will be supported by saturation television, radio and print advertising. Point-of-sale promotional materials will be utilized by all participating McDonald's restaurants and RCA dealers.

Each participating RCA dealer will be offering special incentives to promote the RCA/McDonald's tie-in. RCA advertising will include both distributor and dealer newspaper ads and in-store displays. During the promotion, participating consumers will receive various incentive offerings including free albums with purchase of an RCA video disc player. In addition, participating RCA dealers will have the opportunity to win sales incentive prizes.


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