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RCA Press Release for November 26, 1982


RCA and MCA in Video Disc Deal for 20 Films

RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs and MCA Video Disc, Inc. have entered into an agreement which will result in 20 Universal Pictures feature films being released on RCA video discs, it was announced today by James N. Fiedler, President of MCA Video Disc, and Seth M. Willenson, Staff Vice President, Program and Business Affairs, RCA VideoDiscs.

The agreement also contemplates possible custom pressing by RCA and distribution of CED video discs by MCA directly at a future date.

The agreement with MCA will make possible future video disc releases of such films as "Jaws," "Animal House," "The Sting," "American Graffiti," "Smokey and The Bandit," and "The Jerk."

Among the other titles included are: "Airport," "Coal Miner's Daughter," "The Four Seasons," "The Blues Brothers," "The Deer Hunter," "The Electric Horseman," "Frankenstein," "Dracula," "Psycho," "Duck Soup," "The Birds," "Animal Crackers," "Never Give A Sucker An Even Break," and "My Little Chickadee."

Mr. Willenson said the first of the MCA titles will become available at retail in the first quarter of 1983. "The opportunity to license from MCA this package of 20 significant motion pictures is a gratifying addition to the Capacitance Electronic Disc (CED) library."

Thomas G. Kuhn, Division Vice President, RCA VideoDiscs, said "MCA has been a leader in the home entertainment industry, and we look forward to their continued support of our 'CED' system."

Mr Fiedler said, "We are pleased to have the Universal programming become available on the 'CED' system in the United States and Canada. MCA is committed to the exploitation of its software on all viable video disc systems. 'CED' has established a place for itself in the consumer market and we will become an important part of the 'CED' catalog."


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