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RCA Press Release for January 27, 1982


RCA Offers Eight New Video Disc Titles in February

RCA will release eight new video disc titles in February, and will continue announcing new titles on a monthly basis in 1982, Thomas G. Kuhn, Division Vice President, RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs, announced today.

The new video disc titles available include: "Annie Hall," "Dressed To Kill," "Three Days Of The Condor," "The Great Muppet Caper," "The Return Of The Pink Panther," "The Big Fights, Vol. 2 -- Heavyweight Champions' Greatest Fights," "A Charlie Brown Festival, Vol. 11" and "Disney Cartoon Parade, Vol. 2." Mr. Kuhn said that the titles announced today are among 160 new titles RCA intends to add to its catalog in 1982.

"Annie Hall," winner of Oscars for Best Picture, Best Direction, Best Screenplay and Best Actress, is one of those rare movie comedies that has warmth and truth as well as laughs. Woody Allen wrote the screenplay and starred with Oscar-winner Diane Keaton and a hand-picked supporting cast.

"Dressed To Kill" is a violent and exotic film starring Angie Dickinson as Kate Miller, a restless suburban housewife, whose sexual fantasies and a dalliance with a stranger lead to her death at the hands of a knife-wielding psychopath. The film was written and directed by Brian DePalma and also stars Michael Caine and Nancy Allen.

"Three Days Of The Condor," starring Robert Redford, is a taut, all-too-believable thriller that examines morality and manipulation in post-Watergate America. Expertly directed by Sydney Pollack, the film offers meaty and unusual roles to a stellar cast, including: Faye Dunaway, Cliff Robertson, Max Von Sydow and John Houseman.

"The Great Muppet Caper" is the second hilarious Jim Henson feature length movie starring the Muppets. Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and Miss Piggy join Diana Rigg and Charles Grodin in a sleuthing adventure complete with madcap musical mayhem, and some pretty dangerous stuff involving hot-air ballooning, parachuting, car chases, and Miss Piggy as a karate-chopping motorcycle mama, with a happy Muppet ending assured.

"The Return Of The Pink Panther," one of the most popular comedy films of all time, brought Peter Sellers back to the role of the bumbling French detective, Jacques Clouseau, which he created in "The Pink Panther" and "A Shot In The Dark." The film was written and directed by Blake Edwards and also stars Christopher Plummer, Catherine Schell and Herbert Lom.

"The Big Fights, Vol. 2 -- Heavyweight Champions' Greatest Fights," traces seven decades of heavyweight title and non-title fights. Boxing's great eras and champions are represented, including: Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey, Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali. This exciting video disc captures all of the elements that make the drama and energy of boxing unique: history-making fights, hard-fought contests between evenly matched opponents, heroism, the rapture of victory and the disbelief and devastation of defeat.

"A Charlie Brown Festival, Vol. ll" includes four delightful stories starring the Peanuts gang: "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown," "He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown," "It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown" and "Life Is A Circus, Charlie Brown."

"Disney Cartoon Parade, Vol. 2" is the second in RCA's video disc series showcasing the most memorable cartoons of Walt Disney. It includes the zany antics and wild shenanigans of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Pluto, plus the whole gang of Disney characters in two delightful features -- "At Home With Donald Duck" and "The Coyote's Lament."


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