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RCA Press Release for October 27, 1983


RCA Offers Free Six-Pack of Stereo Discs with Purchase of Any Stereo Video Disc Player

Buy an RCA stereo video disc player before Christmas and get a free six-pack -- of stereo music discs, that is.

The free six-pack offer is part of RCA's Holiday Bonus Promotion which will run from October 27 to December 24, according to Herbert J. Mendelsohn, Division Vice President, Marketing, RCA VideoDisc Division.

Mr. Mendelsohn said the six-pack represents a $150 value at retail.

"We have seen a strong resurgence in the music industry, sparked by video technologies such as cable, cassettes and discs. The music-video revolution has opened new opportunities for performers and created a new business in home entertainment," Mr. Mendelsohn said.

"This promotion is aimed directly at the 18- to 34-year old market, which accounts for approximately 39 percent of the population, but which buys 80 percent of all audio records and tapes sold in the United States," he noted.

He said RCA will support the promotion with 60-second commercials on cable services that cater to this audience, such as MTV and NBC's "Friday Night Videos." This will be supplemented by print ads and point-of-purchase posters.

Participating dealers will stock the six-packs so consumers can take them home with their players.

Under the terms of the promotion, purchasers of the monaural SJT 100 video disc player will receive a $50 factory rebate, while those buying any of the three stereo player models will have a choice of the $50 rebate or the six-pack.

There will be a choice of two six-packs. A Pop/Rock six-pack contains the following discs: "Flashdance," "Kenny Loggins Alive," "Fleetwood Mac In Concert-Mirage Tour of 1982," "Diana Ross in Concert," "Paul McCartney Rockshow," and "The Doobie Brothers." The second six-pack contains the following rock hit albums: "Flashdance," "Rush-Exit Stage Left," "Totally Go-Go's," "Pink Floyd at Pompeii," "Duran Duran," and "The Who-The Kids Are Alright."


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