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RCA Press Release for May 11, 1982


Retailers Report Strong Demand For RCA Video Discs

Retail outlets across the United States report strong consumer demand for RCA video discs. Many have sold more video discs in the first quarter of 1982 than in all of 1981.

"All types of retailers, from mom-and-pop TV stores to giant national chains, are reporting an accelerating demand for RCA video discs," according to Thomas G. Kuhn, Division Vice President, RCA "SelectaVision" VideoDiscs.

"There are several factors involved in the growing demand for discs," Mr. Kuhn said. "Consumer awareness of RCA's program offerings is getting stronger every day; retailers have found that stocking and displaying greater numbers of video disc titles increases this awareness and leads to strong disc sales; and we are continuously expanding the RCA video disc catalog with new and exciting programs."

A spokesman for Sears, the leading retailer of RCA video discs, through its stores and catalog, said, "Sears is committed to the CED system. We attribute our successful sales of discs to our large assortment and the appeal of these programs to our family-oriented customer base."

Curtis Woodard, Vice President and General Manager of Erol's Color TV, a six-store chain operating in the Washington, D. C. metropolitan area, attributed his sales success to video disc availability in Erol's stores. "We have every title stocked in our stores. If anybody in town has it, we do; and after a while customers know they can get the discs they want at our stores," he said.

Ken Crane, Jr., Manager, Ken Crane's Entertainment City, Westminister, California, said, "We're pleasantly surprised at the amount of software we're currently selling. It's a great addition to our business and a tremendous traffic builder, too. We expect to be in the video disc business for a long time."

Jeff Biederman, a buyer from Lechmere, a six-outlet discount department store in the Boston area, said his company has sold more discs in the first quarter of 1982 than in all of 1981. "We have had a strong commitment to video disc since the beginning," he said, "and we have always displayed a full assortment of titles."

Russ Anzalone from Video Dynamics in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, noted, "Since the first of the year, we've seen many VCR owners buy disc players because they want to own rather than rent their favorite movies. Discs are much cheaper than prerecorded cassettes. We find that the whole catalog is moving, both the contemporary and classic programs. We're selling about 100 albums a week."


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