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RCA Press Release for June 6, 1982


RCA Unveils its Stereo Video Disc Player and Catalog at Consumer Electronics Show

CHICAGO, June 6 -- Consumers now can bring the magic home in stereo sound on the RCA video disc system, Thomas G. Kuhn, Division Vice President, RCA VideoDiscs, announced today.

RCA publicly demonstrated its stereo video disc player at the Consumer Electronics Show and said the first 11 stereo disc albums are now available at retail.

Mr. Kuhn said RCA plans to offer a continuing flow of new stereo discs, including some original programs made specifically for the home video market.

Noting that stereo video discs will add a whole new dimension to home entertainment, Mr. Kuhn said RCA "believes that music video will become a major segment of the overall disc catalog." RCA video discs in stereo will offer rock concerts, Broadway shows, movie musicals and great performances by top entertainers.

"Many of the groups and stars that we will be offering on stereo video discs have enormous followings. Their fans constantly fill concert halls and arenas. Now for almost the same price as a ticket to a concert, they can enjoy their favorite artists over and over again in the privacy of their own homes. Television and music are very popular with young Americans, and discs that combine sight and stereo sound offer them the best of both worlds," he added.

RCA's opening stereo catalog includes two Broadway musicals, two motion pictures and performances by Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Rod Stewart, Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell, and The Who.

The new stereo discs include:

. . . "Eubie!", the smash Broadway musical based on the music of 99-year old composer, Eubie Blake.

. . . "Pippin", starring Ben Vereen in a newly staged version of the hit Broadway musical that blends songs and visuals based on Bob Fosse's Tony Award-winning choreography.

. . . "The Jazz Singer", starring Neil Diamond, Laurence Olivier and Lucie Arnaz.

. . . "Popeye", starring Robin (TV's "Mork") Williams as the spinach-eating sailor and Shelley Duvall as Olive Oyl.

. . . "Neil Young -- Rust Never Sleeps", a rock performance that captured raves from both critics and fans.

. . . "Rod Stewart Live at The Los Angeles Forum", a rock concert that includes such classics as "Maggie May", "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" and "Hot Legs."

. . . "Paul McCartney & Wings -- Rockshow", an exciting film of the former Beatle star on his 1976 American tour.

. . . "Paul Simon in Concert", a tribute to performer/ songwriter Simon's popularity and creativity.

. . . "Pink Floyd at Pompeii", an intense audio-visual experience from the hard rock group whose world-wide album sales total well over 20 million.

. . . "Joni Mitchell -- Shadows and Light", a performance fusing the jazz style of guitarist Pat Metheny and tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker with Mitchell's popular melodies and lyrics.

. . . "The Who -- The Kids Are Alright", a souvenir of this popular group's best filmed and taped performances, plus interviews with the bandmembers themselves, including the late Keith Moon.

All the discs are optionally priced at $24.98 with the exception of "The Jazz Singer" and "Popeye", which are priced at $29.98.


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