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Memories of VideoDisc - Who's Who in RCA VideoDisc


David Sarnoff


This biographical portion of "Memories of VideoDisc" is not derived from the disc, but from the plethora of company-specific publications RCA produced when the CED system was under development and on the market. It is intended as a tribute to many of the individuals who made the RCA SelectaVision VideoDisc a marketable product. One misconception I've heard from some CED collectors is that all RCA had to do to put two hours of video on a standard-size audio LP was make the grooves smaller. In reality the implementation was vastly more complex than that simple concept. The CED system was the result of research from a wide range of fields, not just electronic and mechanical engineering, but such fields as chemistry, physics, optics, metallurgy, crystallography, industrial engineering, computer software engineering, computer modeling, and statistics.

As you read through these biographies, I hope you get a feel for just how good these CED researchers were. They really were among the top people in their respective disciplines, and went on to illustrious careers on other projects when their contribution to the CED system was over. Who's Who also includes many of the RCA senior management people (company officers and directors) who were around when CED was under development and on the market. I have also attempted to include a biography for everyone mentioned in the book RCA and the VideoDisc even if they were not directly involved in CED research.

This section of CED Magic is not complete, as I still have a number of other people to include for whom I need either a CED-era photograph or biographical data. After you've browsed through the biographies below, take a look at the Directory for "Who's Who in RCA VideoDisc." I need pictures for the people whose file names end in .txt and biographical data for the .jpg files that do not have an accompanying .html file. If you have suggestions for anyone else to include in Who's Who, please let me know.

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