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Memories of VideoDisc - The Final Days


The Final Days


This sequence of 14 images shows the last twenty-one VideoDisc employees departing the Rockville Road administrative offices for the very last time.
  1. The Final Days.......
  2. The Final Days 523
  3. The Final Days 524
  4. The Final Days 525
  5. Is He Crying !?
  6. The Final Days 527
  7. The Final Days 528
  8. The Final Days 529
  9. Jim Hubner and Hank Olson
  10. Jim Hubner (Maintenance manager)
  11. Hank Olson and Jim Hubner
  12. Final Handshake
  13. The Memories of VideoDisc Team
  14. "The world will little note, nor long remember..."

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