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Pioneer LaserActive with Sega Power Base Converter


LaserActive CLD-A100 With Sega Power Base Converter

This picture shows the circuit board from a Sega Power Base Converter mounted on a Pioneer CLD-A100 LaserActive player with the Sega PAC-S10 installed. By removing the circuit board from its casing, it will fit inside the cartridge slot on the PAC-S10 and allow Sega Master System games to be played on the LaserActive player. With the Sega Master System 3-D Adaptor and glasses, it is also possible to play the Sega Master System 3D games "Blade Eagle 3-D," "Maze Hunter 3-D," "Missile Defense 3-D," "Out Run 3-D," "Poseidon Wars 3-D," "Space Harrier 3-D," and "Zaxxon 3-D."

Unfortunately, the Pioneer LaserActive ADP-1 3D Goggle Adapter will not function when Sega Master System 3D games are being played, only the Sega adaptor hanging down from the green circuit board will work. But the high-quality LaserActive GOL-1 3D goggles shown in the picture do work with the Sega adaptor. And either the GOL-1 goggles or the original Sega 3-D glasses will work on the ADP-1 adapter, which can be seen just to the right of the CLD-A100 player. This is for use with 3D LaserActive discs like "Goku," "Melon Brains," and "3D Museum."

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