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Pioneer LaserActive Player with Infrared Circuit Board


LaserActive CLD-A100 Player In Console

This picture shows the circuit board from a Dual Turbo infrared receiver mounted on a Pioneer CLD-A100 LaserActive player with the Sega PAC-S10 installed. The circuit board is small and can be left in place permanently on the player. The advantage of this interface is that it permits wireless access to the on-screen displays in lieu of using a conventional remote while watching LaserDiscs on the player. I have one of these IR receivers on the CLD-A100 and another on an SFT100 CED VideoDisc player, which permits the same wireless joystick to control both machines. The board mounted as shown does conflict with using Sega Genesis game cartridges in the PAC-S10, but this clearance problem can be solved by installing compact 9-pin D-subminiature male/male and female/female gender changers back-to-back on the IR receiver circuit board.

On a similar note, it is possible to play Sega Master System game cartridges on the LaserActive PAC-S10 by removing the circuit board from a Power Base Converter and mounting it in the cartridge slot of the PAC-S10. This also works on 3D games using the Sega Master System 3-D Adaptor and glasses (or the LaserActive GOL-1 goggles).

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