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Seven Color SelectaVision LED Light Pen


Seven Color Rainbow Pen


7-Color SelectaVision LED Pen From December 2003 until October 2006, a free seven-color SelectaVision light pen was included with each purchase of the CED Magic RCA VideoDisc Collector's Guide CD-ROM. This offer was to commemorate the 50th anniversary of RCA's color television RGB standard in 1953 and the introduction of the first RCA color television, the CT-100, in 1954. The pen is both a useful writing utensil and a flashlight, as the top portion contains red, green, and blue LED's that mix their colors in the RGB fashion of the classic television cameras and CRT's. The pen has a pushbutton to select one of the seven continuous colors shown at the top of this page, while an eighth position causes the pen to continuously cycle through the seven colors as shown in the animated GIF image on the left. The pen operates on three AG13 batteries which were included with it.

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