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RCA VideoDisc Collector's Guide CD-ROM



Pictured above is the RCA VideoDisc Collector's Guide CD-ROM showing both the inside and the outside of the jewel case. The front cover of the case is "grooved" and features a 6-frame Multi-Image™ animation of the CED Magic logo. Behind the lifter tray is another animation of the SelectaVision engineering logo and on the back is a photo of the SFT100 player. The CD-ROM is similar in textual content to this web site at the time of mastering, but contains about 600 MB of images showing the retail disc titles listed in the US CED Title Database. Both the front and rear of every caddy are viewable at two different sizes, resulting in a total of 7,684 pages that may be viewed either by clicking on links in the CED Title Database listing or by clicking links in an alphabetical slide show format. The large image size measures 1024 x 1146 pixels and is intended for detailed examination of the caddy where all but the smallest print is generally readable. The small image size is a 1/3 reduction down to 341 x 382 pixels and is intended to allow the entire caddy to be viewed on a monitor set to a resolution of 640 x 480.

The advantage of having this CD-ROM is the ability to examine the caddy without the need to retrieve it from storage or even own it. Many CED's are presently acquired over the Internet, so with the CD-ROM collectors can see what the caddy looks like prior to purchase. I prefer using the CD-ROM (or the now online Visual CED Title Database) to look at a caddy, because it eliminates the risk of any label wear pulling the disc out of its location in my storage shelves. It is also possible to have the caddy images displayed as a continuous slide show on your computer screen.

This is a Multi-Platform CD-ROM compatible with the Macintosh, UNIX/Linux, and Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8 operating systems. It should be usable with other operating systems that support 31 character or longer file names and recognize the Joliet ISO 9660 extension. The CD-ROM is authored in HTML and requires a web browser compatible with HTML 3.2 or later. Current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari are recommended. Check the CD-ROM Support Page for details on operating system and browser compatibility.

Summary of CD-ROM Features:

Added Playback Ability for the CD-ROM!

In late 2002, DVD players began to enter the market with firmware capable of playing CD's containing JPG images like the CED Magic CD-ROM. So nearly all DVD and Blu-ray players in present-day use will be able to display the caddy images on the CD-ROM as a series of continuos slideshows. Hitting the PAUSE button on the DVD player remote control will pause a slideshow on any caddy image.

The CD-ROM is no longer sold but a copy can be requested by SASE. The sef-addressed stamped envelope should be padded, needs to be big enough to hold the standard CD jewel case shown in the above picture, and it needs to have sufficient postage affixed to cover six ounces of package weight (get current package rates at See the Products Page for more information.

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