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CED in the History of Media Technology


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Commodore SX64 Computer

1983: Commodore SX-64 Executive - The First Color Portable Computer

Commodore Business Machines introduced the Commodore 64 computer in January 1982 at a price of $595. This was an enhancement of the earlier VIC 20 with 64K RAM and a 6510 processor. This machine went on to become the best selling computer of all time, lasting until 1993 and selling 17 to 22 million units. Commodore announced the above SX-64 portable version of the Commodore 64 in January 1983. This was the first portable computer on the market with a color display, and was essentially identical to the regular C64 except for the lack of a cassette interface. In 1986 the GEOS operating system (for Graphic Environment Operating System) was released for the Commodore 64, which incredibly gave the 64K machine a GUI like the Macintosh and Amiga.


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