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CED Title Excel Macro


Laptop Running Excel Macro This is a macro for the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application, that reads a list of CED universal product codes (UPC's) entered into column A, and returns a worksheet listing the title names corresponding to those UPC's. Nearly all CED titles have a UPC on the upper left corner on the back of the caddy. There are two ways to get these UPC's into Excel. The easiest way is to use a handheld laser scanner like the one in the photo to directly scan the UPC's into a computer running Excel. The scanner shown is powered by the notebook computer, but others run on batteries and allow the UPC's to be uploaded to the computer at a later time. The CueCat Scanner was once given away for free and plugs into the PS/2 keyboard port or USB port and makes UPC scanning possible with auxiliary software. Another method is to simply type the numbers printed under the UPC's into each successive cell in column A. This is a tedious process, but is still a lot easier than typing the names of the titles, and it's made considerably easier if one person reads off the number while another types.

There are two versions of the macro CEDMAGIC.XLM. One accepts 11-digit UPC's, while the other accepts 10-digit UPC's. Most scanners are programmed to read the 11th checksum digit, so use this version with a scanner. If typing by hand, use the 10-digit version, since only 10 digits are visible under the UPC bar code. There are versions of the macro compatible with Microsoft Windows (including Windows 3.x/95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8) and the Macintosh. This macro is written in the Excel 4.0 macro language, which is forwards compatible with all later versions of Excel.

CED Magic Excel Macro Windows 11 DigitDownload for 11-digit UPC's and Excel for Windows
CED Magic Excel Macro Windows 10 DigitDownload for 10-digit UPC's and Excel for Windows
CED Magic Excel Macro MacOS 11 DigitDownload cedmagic.xlm-11.sit.hqx for 11-digit UPC's and Excel for the MacOS
CED Magic Excel Macro MacOS 10 DigitDownload cedmagic.xlm-10.sit.hqx for 10-digit UPC's and Excel for the MacOS

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