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CED in the History of Media Technology


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Apple III From TRON

1980: Apple III Business Computer

The little-remembered Apple III was intended to be for business use what the Apple II had become for personal use. At a price of $7800 the system came with 128K of RAM, a huge amount for 1980, and used an operating system called SOS (Sophisticated Operating System). SOS may have been its greatest drawback, as the operating system was difficult to learn, and little application software was written for it. The Apple III used a thermal printer call the Silentype, notable for its quiet operation compared to the noisy impact printers of the time.

The picture above is 07:31 into Side 1 of the CED movie TRON, where Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is using an Apple III at home to hack into the Master Control Program (MCP) of his former employer Encom Corporation. Note the acoustic modem and Silentype printer on top of the Apple III. The sequel to this movie TRON: Legacy was released in 2010.


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