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CED in the History of Media Technology


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Digital Command Center ColorTrak 2000 SJT400 VJP900

1983: Unified Digital Command Center for the SJT400 Interactive CED Player

RCA officially unveiled the interactive SJT400 CED player on August 12, 1983. This random access model came with its own 30-button remote control, but it was also compatible with RCA's new Digital Command Center, the first unified microprocessor-controlled remote on the market. This remote was included with RCA ColorTrak 2000 televisions, such as the one shown in the above RCA advertisement. Immediately above the TV is RCA's VJP900 Convertible VCR, which had the revolutionary design of allowing the small VCR to be easily slide out of the housing for portable use. Above the VCR is the SJT400 VideoDisc player. The unified remote allowed all three of these devices to be controlled by simply pressing the TV, VCR, or DISC button on the remote, and RCA had plans to add even more devices to the unified functionality.


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