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Featured CED VideoDisc No. 24 - Spring 2002


The Amazing Spider-Man & Spider-Man Cartoons

The Amazing Spiderman CEDSpiderman Cartoons CED

With the blockbuster Spider-Man movie coming out next month, and two prior Spider-Man productions existing on CED, this seemed like a good choice for the featured CED. The two Spider-Man CED's also originated on television, so I'm using this opportunity to cover the Television Genre with a table of all the CED titles derived from television.

From the images above, it's clear that both these Spider-Man CED's have somewhat similar covers. The first one I acquired was The Amazing Spider-Man, a live-action television movie from which a short-lived TV series was derived. Some time later, I found Spider-Man Cartoons in a row of CED's in a thrift store and almost flipped past it, thinking I already had it at this time long before I came up with a complete list of titles. Not until I flipped the caddy over did I realize this was the classic 1960's cartoon series, as both caddies prominently state "The Amazing Spider-Man" on the front cover.

These two variations of Spider-Man differ rather widely in their villains - an indication of the limits of movie technology in the 1970's. While the Spider-Man cartoon series has fanciful villains like Doctor Octopus and The Green Goblin, the villain in the TV movie is just an ordinary guy in a business suit. It's hard to imagine how they could have pulled off a Dr. Octopus in a movie back in the 70's without looking ridiculous, and other super hero fare like The Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman likewise did not have any comic book or animation style villains. Even the high budget Superman movie from 1978 had a very pedestrian villain. The one thing they did do fairly effectively in the Spider-Man TV movie was wall crawling, although there wasn't any web swinging to speak of. With the advances in computer-generated graphics the upcoming movie won't suffer from these limitations. The Spider-Man cartoons from the 1960's did contain a full gamut of super villains, and interesting enough, the episode "The Origin of Spider-Man" represents the early work of animator Ralph Bakshi who directed the Lord of the Rings featured CED from a few months ago. "The Origin of Spider-Man" is actually the first episode of the second season of the three-year series, while all other episodes on the disc are from the first season.

Both of these Spider-Man CED's contain subtle references to RCA, as they are set in New York City, where RCA's headquarters were located in the RCA Building. In the TV movie Peter Parker is offering a picture of the base of the RCA Building to Mr. Jameson, and in the cartoon series there appears to be an artistic rendition of the structure. It was on the 49th floor of that building where the first demonstration of the CED system to the technology press took place on March 19, 1975.

The remainder of this CED feature contains pictures of the main characters from both Spider-Man CED's, as well as the table of TV-derived CED titles. When I recently watched the Spider-Man TV movie, I noticed that some of the characters looked familiar, but I couldn't quit place them. With the help of the IMDb I was able to determine where I had seen them in more memorable roles. Below is a list of those roles.


The Amazing Spider-Man
Peter Parker J. Jonah Jameson Parker Spider Bitten
Aunt May Spiderman Costume Barbera Monahan
Judy Tyler Edward Byron Parker Soldering
Climbing Wall Three Samurai Twin Towers
Spider-Man Cartoons
Spiderman In Web Southern Manhattan RCA Building
Peter Parker Bitten Uncle Ben and Aunt May Spiderman On Pole
J. Jonah Jameson Betty brant Lizard Man
Electro Vulture Man Robot Jameson
The Rhino Doctor Octopus The Green Goblin


Table of CED Titles Derived from Television
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Sunn Classic
Adventures of the Little Prince, The Jambre Production
American Alcoholic/Reading, Writing, and Reefer NBC
Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman CBS
Baffled NBC/CBS
Battlestar Galactica ABC
Beany and Cecil Bob Clampett Productions
Best of 60 Minutes, Vol. 1 CBS
Best of Judy Garland, The* CBS
Bette Midler Show, The* HBO
Blackstar Filmation
Brian's Song ABC
Bullwinkle & Rocky & Friends, Vol. 1 P.A.T.
Bullwinkle & Rocky & Friends, Vol. 2 P.A.T.
Captain Pugwash [PAL] UK Only Release
Carlin at Carnegie Cablestuff
Carlin on Campus* HBO
Charlie Brown Festival, A UFS
Charlie Brown Festival, A [PAL] UFS
Charlie Brown Festival, Vol. 2 UFS
Charlie Brown Festival, Vol. 2 [PAL] UFS
Charlie Brown Festival, Vol. 3 UFS
Charlie Brown Festival, Vol. 4 UFS
Clarence Darrow Dome Productions
Comedy Tonight HBO
Count of Monte-Cristo, The NBC
Day After, The ABC
Devil and Daniel Mouse, The Viacom
Diana Ross in Concert* HBO
Disney: Golden Oldies* Disney TV
Disney: Pop & Rock* Disney TV
Disney: Rock, Rhythm & Blues* Disney TV
Dolly in London* HBO
Dolly in London* [PAL] HBO
Dot and Santa Claus Satori
Dot and the Bunny Satori
Dot and the Kangaroo Satori
Dr. Seuss Video Festival: Horton/Grinch Stole Xmas MGM
Elephant Man, The [1982] ITC
Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii NBC
Elvis: His 1968 Comeback Special NBC
Family Entertainment Playhouse, Vol. 1 Learning Corp.
Family Entertainment Playhouse, Vol. 2 Learning Corp.
Fraggle Songs Volume One* Jim Henson
From the Earth to the Moon [PAL] VCL, UK Only Release
FTT Beauty and the Beast PBS
FTT Boy Who Left Home to Find Out About the Shivers PBS
FTT Goldilocks and the Three Bears PBS
FTT Hansel and Gretel PBS
FTT Jack and the Beanstalk PBS
FTT Little Red Riding Hood PBS
FTT Nightingale PBS
FTT Pinocchio PBS
FTT Princess and the Pea PBS
FTT Rapunzel PBS
FTT Rumpelstiltskin PBS
FTT Sleeping Beauty PBS
FTT Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs PBS
FTT Tale of the Frog Prince, The PBS
FTT Thumbelina PBS
Fugitive: The Final Episode ABC
Great Figures in History: John F. Kennedy CBS
Great Movie Stunts and the Making of Raiders Lost Ark Lucasfilm Ltd.
Great Space Coaster, The Sunbow Productions
Great Whales, The/Sharks, The National Geographic Society
Gumby Adventure, A NBC
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Vol. 1 Filmation
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Vol. 2 Filmation
Heidi [RCA] NBC
Heidi [Vestron] NBC
Helter Skelter CBS
Here It Is, Burlesque HBO
Heritage of the Bible, The NBC
Hobbit, The Rankin Bass
Hocus Pocus, It's Magic HBO
Holocaust (4) NBC
Incredible Machine/Mysteries of the Mind National Geographic Society
Invisible World/Dive to the Edge of Creation National Geographic Society
Jacques Cousteau, Vol. 1: Sharks/Singing Whales Wolper Productions
Jacques Cousteau, Vol. 1: Sharks/Singing Whales [PAL] Wolper Productions
Jesus of Nazareth (4) NBC
Journey Back to Oz Filmation
Journey to the Center of the Earth [PAL] VCL, UK Only Release
Julia Child: The French Chef, Vol. 1 WGBH
Kidnapped [PAL] VCL, UK Only Release
Kipperbang Enigma Television
Lassie's Rescue Rangers Filmation
Linda Ronstadt In Concert* HBO
Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Children's Television Workshop
Little House on the Prairie NBC
Little Prince: Next Stop, Planet Earth Jambre Production
Lone Ranger, The Filmation
M*A*S*H: Goodbye, Farewell and Amen CBS
Making Michael Jackson's Thriller* Has excerpts of the Motown 25 TV Special
Making Michael Jackson's Thriller* [PAL] Has excerpts of the Motown 25 TV Special
Making of Star Wars/SP FX: The Empire Strikes Back Lucasfilm Ltd.
Man on the Moon CBS
Mary Tyler Moore Show, Vol. 1 CBS
Meet Mr. Washington/Meet Mr. Lincoln NBC
Miracle of Lake Placid, The Highlights of the ABC Televised Olympics
Mister Rogers Vol. 1: Helping Children Understand PBS
Mister Rogers Vol. 2: Mister Rogers Goes to School PBS
Moby Dick [PAL] VCL, UK Only Release
Moses (2) CBS
Mr. Magoo in Sherwood Forest NBC
My Seventeenth Summer/Flying for Fun (Big Blue Marble) PBS
New Adventures of Zorro, The Filmation
Neil Diamond: Love at the Greek* Arch Angel Television
Neil Diamond: Love at the Greek* [PAL] Arch Angel Television
Nutcracker, The* [1977] CBS
Oliver Twist [PAL] UK Only Release
Our Town Hartwest Productions
Paddington Bear, Vol. 1 FilmFair
Paddington Bear, Vol. 2 FilmFair
Pippin* Sheehan-Tele-Scenes
Popeye Cartoons, Vol. 1 King Features TV Syndicate
Raccoons' Adventures: Lost Star/On Ice LAM
Return of the King, The Rankin Bass
Robin Hood [1972] [PAL] VCL, UK Only Release
Robinson Crusoe [PAL] VCL, UK Only Release
Roobarb [PAL] BBC, UK Only Release
Saturday Night Live, Vol. 1: George Carlin/Steve Martin NBC
Saturday Night Live, Vol. 2: Richard Pryor/Steve Martin NBC
Shazam! Filmation
Shogun Paramoutnt, Shortened from the Mini-Series
Showdown: Leonard vs. Hearns Closed-circuit Telecast
Solid Gold 5 Day Workout* Derived from the Solid Gold TV series
Spider-Man Cartoons [PAL] Marvel Comics/ABC
Star Trek: Vol.1, The Menagerie NBC
Star Trek: Vol.2, City/Battlefield NBC
Star Trek: Vol.3, Trouble with Tribbles/Tholian Web NBC
Star Trek: Vol.4, Space Seed/Changeling NBC
Star Trek: Vol.5, Balance of Terror/Mirror,Mirror NBC
Star Trek: Vol.6, Amok Time/Journey to Babel NBC
Starring Mr. Magoo, Vol. 1 NBC
Stars on 45* MCA Pay Television
Swiss Family Robinson [PAL] VCL, UK Only Release
Sybil (2) NBC/CBS
Tales From Muppetland Jim Henson
Tales From Muppetland, Vol. 2 Jim Henson
Terry Fox Story, The HBO
Treasure Island [PAL] VCL, UK Only Release
Tut: the Boy King/The Louvre NBC
Victory at Sea Excerpts of the 26-episode NBC Series
Wimbledon: 1979 and 1980 Excerpts of the BBC Broadcast
Wind in the Willows, The Rankin Bass
Woody Woodpecker And His Friends MCA, Some Content Pre-dates TV
World of Wildlife, Vol. 1: Snow Geese/Leopard Anglia
World of Wildlife, Vol. 2: Penguin Summer/Kangaroo Anglia
World Series 1980, Phillies vs. Royals NBC

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