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Featured CED VideoDisc No. 9 - Summer 1998


Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines

Disc 1 of Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines CEDDisc 2 of Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines CED

Shown above are the obverse sides of this 2-Disc CED title. Although most of the 206 2-Disc titles listed in the CED Title Database have different reverse sides, this is the only one that has different obverse sides. Anyone who collects CED's will be aware that in general RCA 2-Disc titles have different reverse side art work and liner notes, while CBS/Fox 2-Disc titles generally have identical reverse sides. I wanted to do a detailed analysis of the differences, so the table at the bottom of this page lists all 206 2-Disc titles, along with the publisher, year of disc production, and whether or not the reverse sides are different. Looking over the data, some observations emerged that are summarized in the list that follows:

There also were one 3-Disc title "The Rocky Championship Collection," and two 4-Disc titles Jesus of Nazareth and Holocaust. The 3-Disc Rocky set was the first three Rocky movies packaged as a box set, with the caddies and discs being identical to the individual CED's issued earlier by RCA. Jesus of Nazareth was originally a four-part TV miniseries, and is the one title where all eight sides are different both in terms of art work and liner notes. The same could be said for Holocaust, but in this case only the color of the background is different on the obverse sides, and the reverse sides have the same art work with different liner notes.

So why does "Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines" have different obverse sides? I don't know the definitive answer, but believe it may relate to this being the only 2-Disc bilingual title, so on a whim the caddy artists may have decided to give it different obverse sides.


Two Disc CED Titles

Sides Different?
2001: A Space Odyssey [monophonic] MGM/UA 1981 Yes
2001: A Space Odyssey* MGM/UA 1982 Yes
Airport RCA 1983 Yes
Alamo, The CBS/Fox 1982 No
All the President's Men RCA 1983 Yes
Amadeus** RCA 1985 No
Annie** RCA 1983 Yes
Apocalypse Now RCA 1982 Yes
Barefoot Contessa, The CBS/Fox 1983 No
Battle of Britain, The CBS/Fox 1983 No
Being There CBS/Fox 1982 Yes
Ben-Hur MGM/UA 1983 Yes
Birdman of Alcatraz [CBS] CBS/Fox 1982 No
Birdman of Alcatraz [RCA] RCA 1983 Yes
Black Sunday RCA 1982 Yes
Blue Max, The CBS/Fox 1982 No
Blues Brothers, The* RCA 1983 Yes
Boat, The* RCA 1983 Yes
Bolero** Vestron 1983 No
Bostonians, The Vestron 1985 No
Bounty, The*** Vestron 1984 No
Bridge On The River Kwai, The RCA 1983 Yes
Bridge Too Far, A CBS/Fox 1982 No
Brubaker CBS/Fox 1982 No
Caine Mutiny, The RCA 1985 Yes
Chinatown RCA 1981 Yes
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang CBS/Fox 1982 No
Cleopatra* CBS/Fox 1983 No
Clockwork Orange, A RCA 1983 Yes
Close Encounters of the Third Kind RCA 1982 Yes
Coming Home RCA 1982 Yes
Conan the Barbarian MCA 1983 Yes
Cotton Club, The** Embassy 1985 No
Deer Hunter, The** RCA 1983 Yes
Diary of Anne Frank, The CBS/Fox 1982 No
Dirty Dozen, The [RCA] RCA 1983 Yes
Dirty Dozen, The* [MGM] MGM/UA 1981 Yes
Doctor Dolittle CBS/Fox 1982 No
Doctor Zhivago MGM/UA 1981 Yes
Dune*** MCA 1985 Yes
El Cid Vestron 1983 No
El Dorado RCA 1983 Yes
Elephant Man, The [1980] RCA 1981 Yes
Elmer Gantry CBS/Fox 1983 No
Excalibur RCA 1983 Yes
Exodus CBS/Fox 1982 No
F.I.S.T. CBS/Fox 1982 No
Falcon and the Snowman, The** Vestron 1985 No
Fame MGM/UA 1981 Yes
Fanny & Alexander Embassy 1984 No
Fiddler on the Roof RCA 1981 Yes
Firefox** Warner 1983 Yes
For A Few Dollars More [CBS] CBS/Fox 1983 No
For A Few Dollars More [RCA] RCA 1983 Yes
For Your Eyes Only* [CBS] CBS/Fox 1983 No
For Your Eyes Only* [MGM] MGM/UA 1982 Yes
Friendly Persuasion CBS/Fox 1983 No
Funny Girl* RCA 1983 Yes
Gandhi** RCA 1983 Yes
Godfather, Part II, The RCA 1982 Yes
Godfather, The RCA 1981 Yes
Gone With the Wind** MGM/UA 1985 No
Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, The [CBS] CBS/Fox 1982 No
Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, The [RCA] RCA 1983 Yes
Grapes of Wrath, The CBS/Fox 1982 No
Great Escape, The RCA 1981 Yes
Great Gatsby, The RCA 1983 Yes
Greatest Show On Earth, The RCA 1982 Yes
Green Berets, The RCA 1983 Yes
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan** Warner 1984 Yes
Guns of Navarone, The RCA 1983 Yes
Guys and Dolls MGM/UA 1981 Yes
Hamlet RCA 1981 Yes
Hawaii CBS/Fox 1983 No
Heaven's Gate* MGM/UA 1983 No
Hello, Dolly! [RCA] RCA 1981 Yes
Hello, Dolly!* [FOX] CBS/Fox 1982 No
Henry V RCA 1981 Yes
Hustler, The CBS/Fox 1982 No
Inherit the Wind [CBS] CBS/Fox 1983 No
Inn of the Sixth Happiness* CBS/Fox 1982 No
Irma La Douce CBS/Fox 1982 No
It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World [CBS] CBS/Fox 1982 No
It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World [RCA] RCA 1983 Yes
Karate Kid, The** RCA 1984 Yes
Kelly's Heroes* MGM/UA 1983 Yes
Killing Fields, The** Warner 1985 Yes
King and I, The* CBS/Fox 1982 No
King Kong [1976] RCA 1983 Yes
Lady Sings the Blues RCA 1981 Yes
Last Tango in Paris RCA 1982 Yes
Last Valley, The CBS/Fox 1983 No
Lawrence of Arabia** RCA 1983 Yes
Lion In Winter, The RCA 1983 Yes
Little Big Man CBS/Fox 1983 No
Little Drummer Girl, The Warner 1985 Yes
Lolita MGM/UA 1983 Yes
Longest Day, The [FOX] CBS/Fox 1982 No
Longest Day, The [RCA] RCA 1981 Yes
Looking for Mr. Goodbar RCA 1981 Yes
Lord of the Rings, The RCA 1982 Yes
Love in the Afternoon CBS/Fox 1984 No
Magnificent Seven, The [CBS] CBS/Fox 1983 No
Magnificent Seven, The [RCA] RCA 1981 Yes
Man of La Mancha* CBS/Fox 1982 No
Man Who Fell to Earth, The* RCA 1984 Yes
Man Who Would Be King, The CBS/Fox 1983 No
Mary Poppins RCA 1981 Yes
Mommie Dearest RCA 1983 Yes
Moonraker** RCA 1983 Yes
Moses CBS/Fox 1982 No
Murder on the Orient Express RCA 1982 Yes
My Fair Lady MGM/UA 1981 Yes
Nashville** RCA 1983 Yes
Natural, The** RCA 1984 Yes
Never Say Never Again** Warner 1984 Yes
New York, New York RCA 1983 Yes
North By Northwest [RCA] RCA 1981 Yes
North By Northwest [UA] MGM/UA 1983 Yes
Octopussy** CBS/Fox 1983 No
Officer and a Gentleman, An RCA 1983 Yes
Oklahoma! MGM/UA 1981 Yes
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever Paramount 1984 No
On Her Majesty's Secret Service RCA 1983 Yes
On the Beach CBS/Fox 1982 No
Once Upon A Time In America Warner 1985 Yes
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest RCA 1982 Yes
Ordinary People RCA 1981 Yes
Papillon CBS/Fox 1982 Yes
Parent Trap, The RCA 1984 No
Passage to India, A** RCA 1985 Yes
Patton [monophonic] RCA 1981 Yes
Patton* CBS/Fox 1982 No
Pollyanna RCA 1984 No
Pride and the Passion, The CBS/Fox 1983 No
Pride of the Yankees, The CBS/Fox 1983 No
Prince of the City RCA 1981 Yes
Quiet Man, The RCA 1983 Yes
Raging Bull RCA 1981 Yes
Ragtime RCA 1982 Yes
Razor's Edge, The** RCA 1985 Yes
Red River RCA 1983 Yes
Red Shoe's, The RCA 1981 Yes
Reds RCA 1983 Yes
Return of the Jedi** CBS/Fox 1986 No
Right Stuff, The** Warner 1984 No
Rio Bravo RCA 1983 Yes
River, The*** MCA 1985 Yes
Robe, The CBS/Fox 1982 No
Romeo and Juliet RCA 1981 Yes
Rose, The** CBS/Fox 1982 No
Rosemary's Baby RCA 1982 Yes
S.O.B. CBS/Fox 1982 Yes
Sayonara CBS/Fox 1983 No
Scarface*** MCA 1984 Yes
Sea Wolves, The CBS/Fox 1982 Yes
Sergeant York [CBS] CBS/Fox 1982 No
Sergeant York [RCA] RCA 1983 Yes
Serpico RCA 1983 Yes
Shining, The RCA 1983 Yes
Silkwood Embassy 1984 No
Silverado*** RCA 1985 Yes
Sophie's Choice RCA 1983 Yes
Sound of Music, The* CBS/Fox 1983 No
South Pacific CBS/Fox 1982 Yes
Spartacus*** MCA 1985 Yes
Star Is Born, A* [1954] Warner 1984 Yes
Star Is Born, A** [1976] RCA 1983 Yes
Star Trek - The Motion Picture RCA 1981 Yes
Sting, The RCA 1983 Yes
Stunt Man, The CBS/Fox 1982 No
Superman -- The Movie RCA 1982 Yes
Superman II** RCA 1983 Yes
Superman III** Warner 1983 Yes
Swan Lake* RCA 1983 Yes
Sybil CBS/Fox 1982 Yes
Tales of Hoffman, The* RCA 1983 Yes
Tempest** RCA 1983 Yes
Ten Commandments, The RCA 1981 Yes
Terms of Endearment Paramount 1984 No
Tess RCA 1982 Yes
Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines CBS/Fox 1983 No
Thunderball RCA 1982 Yes
Tom Jones RCA 1982 Yes
Tora! Tora! Tora! [FOX] CBS/Fox 1982 No
Tora! Tora! Tora! [RCA] RCA 1981 Yes
Towering Inferno CBS/Fox 1982 No
Tribute Vestron 1982 No
True Grit RCA 1982 Yes
Twelve O'Clock High CBS/Fox 1982 No
Urban Cowboy RCA 1981 Yes
Urgh! A Music War** CBS/Fox 1984 No
Verdict, The CBS/Fox 1983 No
Vertigo MCA 1984 Yes
Victor/Victoria** MGM/UA 1982 Yes
View to a Kill, A** CBS/Fox 1985 No
West Side Story** [FOX] CBS/Fox 1982 No
West Side Story** [RCA] RCA 1983 Yes
White Nights*** RCA 1986 No
Wild Bunch, The RCA 1983 Yes
Wild Geese, The CBS/Fox 1983 No
Women In Love CBS/Fox 1982 No
Woodstock* RCA 1983 Yes
World According to Garp Warner 1983 Yes
Year of the Dragon MGM/UA 1986 No
Yentl** CBS/Fox 1984 No


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